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Euclid Testnet Developer Docs

Testnet Goals

The goals of Testnet Euclid are twofold:

  • Self-serving: Any users can indicate any contracts and variables they wish the ZK Coprocessor to preprocess

  • Custom Queries: Users should be able to write any types of (for example SQL) queries, from the most basic to the most complex.


Lagrange's ZK Coprocessor and Verifiable Database is the first solution enabling developers to express complex queries on-chain and we're building this from scratch. We decided to release Testnet Euclid with a reduced feature set to start getting feedback from developers using our tech. In particular, Testnet Euclid is

  • Focused on proving mapping entries, and in particular ERC721Enumerable entries of NFT ID -> owners entries. That allows us to showcase our early tech to a cool and trendy application!

  • Deterministic query: To start, Testnet Euclid allows you to query the NFT ownership of a particular user address in an arbitrary block range, for ERC721Enumerable contracts. The query parameters that can be changed are the owner address and the block range.

The next section goes into more detail about the API to interact with Testnet Euclid.